Water and Energy are Connected

Commercial water use can dramatically increase operating costs on several levels. Wasting hot water increases your utility bills, water and sewer usage charge, added maintenance, wear and tear on equipment, and of course you are taxed as well. Wasting cold water increases water and sewer usage charge and taxes. Sewer usage charge is calculated by the amount of water consumed.

Water is scarce in many geographical regions, so efficiency and conservation will help preserve a precious resource and reduce operating costs.

Periodic Inspections Water Conservation Energy Efficiency Consultants


Typically, areas to watch for would be leaky faucets, malfunctioning ball cocks or flappers in toilets, water saver faucets, shower valves, toilets and washing machines. Install high-efficiency spray rinse valves in commercial kitchens. Potentially, thousands of dollars can be saved off your water consumption, sewer, and water heating  utility bills each year.

Evaluating building operations to identify potential savings by eliminating the unnecessary use of existing equipment as well as operating schedules. Sub-metering for monitoring and verification of water consumption, will provide an accurate measurement to determine a course of action. Periodically check irrigation systems for operation and maintenance.

Energy Efficiency Behavior Based Energy Sustainability

BBEC focuses on energy savings resulting from changes in individual and organizational behavior and decision-making policies. Changing habits with conservation in mind will become the norm and save thousands of gallons per year.

We have assembled an extensive list of no-cost and low cost water efficiency/conservation solutions that can be implemented immediately. Most of the (EEM's) can be facilitated by the maintenance staff unless prohibited by local code.

Green Building Initiatives Energy Efficiency Consultants Sustainability

Take your building to the next level in water conservation. Consider water reclamation systems such as rain water harvesting, grey water systems, condensate reclaim, pre-treated effluent, backwash systems and using it for other purposes at your site like irrigation, flushing toilets, cooling tower make up water or maintenance items that do not require potable water. 

Evaluating Site Irrigation systems and Architectural Landscaping utilizing indigenous plants, deciduous trees and desert landscaping will save water and energy. Plumbing fixtures must be water saver type or have a Water Sense label. Consider sensor operated faucets and timers. A newly created retention pond can be used for a geothermal system.