Changes in technology have given rise for many alternative sources and methods to reduce energy and use it wisely. Sustainability Solutions are achieved through Energy Efficiency, Green Building Initiatives, Renewable Energy, Behavior-Based Energy Conservation Strategies, a well written and monitored Preventive Maintenance Program for the MEP systems, Thermal Energy Systems and Energy Supply Management.  

Energy Efficiency Behavior Based Energy Sustainability

BBEC focuses on energy savings resulting from changes in individual and organizational behavior and decision-making policies. We will design, implement and manage a comprehensive organizational BBEC program intended to reduce energy and water consumption. We have comprised an extensive list of no-cost strategies that any company can implement. 

Research shows that operations and managements best practices can reduce energy bills by 5% to 20% without investing significant capital.

Preventative Energy Management Maitenance Energy Efficiency Sustainability

Mechanical equipment such as HVAC&R, commercial appliances, motors, must be maintained on a regular basis in order to perform as designed. Equipment that is not maintained properly loses efficiency, increasing energy use.

Regularly scheduled maintenance will extend the life of equipment and prevent pre-mature failure. A well written preventive maintenance program can save thousands of dollars in wasted energy per year. Preventive maintenance is also a visual inspection of mechanical equipment and the building envelope.

Renewable Sustainability Energy Energy Efficiency Consultants

Renewable energy, such as solar, wind, geothermal, hydro-power etc., are large capital improvements but can be a viable strategy for supplementing energy demand and energy independence. 

Not all renewable energy strategies perform the same in all geographic locations. Our design team can help guide you through this process.

Green Building Initiatives Energy Efficiency Consultants Sustainability

These words are very misunderstood. Simply put, social, economic and environmental impact. Energy efficiency, water conservation, recycling, salvage or re-using building material, renewable/alternative energy, controlling waste, using sustainable materials, utilizing waste heat, cool storage technology, battery storage technology, improving workplace environment, indoor/outdoor air quality (IAQ), etc.

This is all part of the green building strategy.

Sustainability Energy Supply Management Energy Efficiency Consultants

Energy Supply Management can be a complicated endeavor which is why we partner with a supply side energy management company specializing in this field. Any business serious about energy reduction should first look at the cost per unit of energy they are spending. We have access to a nationwide database to help you through this process. Today's energy landscape varies greatly from state to state, from season to season and across industries. There are regulated and de-regulated markets which can be volatile and influenced by domestic and geopolitical factors. Our proprietary software and expert analysis helps our clients better understand and secure energy contracts, manage risk, thus capitalizing on saving opportunities. Carbon emissions reporting to meet sustainability goals.