Energy management is the ongoing process to achieve the minimum possible energy use and cost while meeting the true needs of the activities occurring within a facility. Actions intended to achieve this energy efficiency focus on reduced energy use, increasing efficiency, reducing wasted energy, and finding superior energy alternatives.

Energy Management Benchmark Systems Consultants

Whether you're benchmarking a piece of equipment using a (TOU) time-of-use logger or energy meter or the whole building, it is a critical first step to determine what the current energy usage is. You can't manage what you don't measure. Put simply, benchmarking is the process of comparing your energy performance to itself or something similar. "Something similar" might be internal, like performance at the same time last year. Or it might be external, like performance compared to similar facilities elsewhere.

If you are seeking an Energy Star or LEEDS Certification for your building, benchmarking is the first step!

Preventative Energy Management Maitenance Energy Efficiency Sustainability

We cannot stress this enough - mechanical equipment such as HVAC&R, commercial appliances, machines, motors, must be maintained on a regular basis in order to perform as designed. Equipment that is not maintained properly loses efficiency, increasing energy use.

Regularly scheduled maintenance will extend the life of equipment and prevent pre-mature failure. A well written preventive maintenance program can save thousands of dollars in wasted energy per year. Preventive maintenance is also a visual inspection of mechanical equipment and the building envelope.

Energy Management Systems Energy Efficiency Consultants Commercial Energy Efficiency

EMS for short, this system monitors and controls the major energy-consuming systems throughout the facility in the most energy-efficient manner, through software programs.

Advances in EMS using wireless technology, our clients can reduce their energy bills as much as 30% with a cost-effective return on investment.

This is an excellent way for businesses to take control and monitor their energy use in real time.