Why Comprehensive Energy Efficiency is Critical for Sustainability of Commercial Properties

Energy Efficiency is key to ensuring a safe, reliable, economical and sustainable energy systems for the future. It is the one energy resource that every country possesses and is clean, affordable and abundant. It is the quickest and least costly way of addressing energy security, environmental and economic challenges.

A comprehensive Energy Efficiency process accounts for all the energy flows in a facility. Each stage includes changes that will affect the upgrades performed in subsequent stages, thus setting the overall process up for the greatest energy and cost savings possible. Simply put, you’re creating synergies within the major energy consuming systems and the building envelope. A strategic plan must be put into action in order to achieve these goals.

To drive home the point on energy flows, take for example how natural light and electrical lighting affects the heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems (HVAC&R) by increasing or decreasing the latent and sensible heating and cooling loads. Inadequate indoor air flow affects work productivity, heating and cooling loads and motor efficiency. Air infiltration through the building envelope or structure affects the HVAC&R systems.

Air Purification Systems and enhanced Air Filtration for the air distribution systems (HVAC) will improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and should be a priority given the current Covid-19 pandemic and the aftermath. The synergy of IAQ and Energy Efficiency can be realized. 

In summary, comprehensive Energy Efficiency will ensure commercial facilities social, economic and environmental solutions to meet the challenges of today and beyond.

David Borgaro

David Borgaro

Dave has 40 years experience in Sustainable Energy Strategies, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Contracting, Engineering design and Project Management. Accredited LEED Green Associate, Certified Commercial Energy Auditor, Energy Efficiency Engineering, Master Plumber, Member USGBC, ASHRAE, NESEA, NESI. Dave’s diverse expertise in utilizing engineering principles, combined with the use of technology and practical experience affords him tremendous insight into finding cost-effective solutions.

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