30% of Energy Used in a Commercial Building is Wasted due to Inefficiencies!

Energy Efficiency Consultants, LLC introduces a 15-Step Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Process that will transform the energy use in energy intensive facilities. Each step will affect changes made from subsequent stages thus setting the overall process up for the greatest energy and cost savings possible.

This statistic as published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is staggering. If your business operates 24/7/365 such as hospitals, universities or resort hotels with pools, commercial kitchens and other amenities or manufacturing facilities the energy wasted can be upwards of 40%.

That is why we designed a 15-Step Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Process. Similar to the approach as recommended by the EPA’s Energy Star Program which accounts for the interactions of all the energy flows in a facility. Each stage includes changes that will affect the upgrades performed in subsequent stages, thus setting the overall process up for the greatest energy and cost savings possible. Perfect examples are how the lighting affects the HVAC&R load and how natural light affects the lighting and HVAC&R. How improper ventilation affects work productivity, heating, cooling and motor efficiency. Air infiltration issues that affect the HVAC system.

How do you as a business owner or a non-profit address the issue without breaking the bank. There are many cost-effective energy waste reduction strategies that can be implemented. In some cases, there are no-cost energy conservation measures (ECM) and low-cost energy efficiency measures (EEM) that can be implemented immediately that will reduce your energy use. In other cases, there are modifications, upgrades, operational and optimization strategies that will improve the efficiency of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems (MEP).

We specialize in energy intensive industries. In most cases the mechanical systems rarely shut down because of clientele or production such as resort hotels, manufacturing, healthcare facilities, universities  or municipalities.

As a business if you identify as a high energy user you can benefit from our services. At Energy Efficiency Consultants we are passionate about energy waste and are committed to achieve the best results for our clients.

We have you covered from top to bottom! From buying your energy, to how you use it and how to fix what is using too much.

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David Borgaro

David Borgaro

Dave has 40 years experience in Sustainable Energy Strategies, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Contracting, Engineering design and Project Management. Accredited LEED Green Associate, Certified Commercial Energy Auditor, Energy Efficiency Engineering, Master Plumber, Member USGBC, ASHRAE, NESEA, NESI. Dave’s diverse expertise in utilizing engineering principles, combined with the use of technology and practical experience affords him tremendous insight into finding cost-effective solutions.

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