Deferred Maintenance
The Silent Killer

Deferred maintenance is the practice of postponing maintenance activities such as repairs on HVAC&R equipment, electrical and plumbing systems, machinery and the building structure in order to save costs, meet funding levels, realign available budget funds or just plain neglect.

Postponing, neglect and financial constraints pretty much tells the story. Deferred maintenance shortens the life of the equipment, increases energy use and cost substantially more to repair or replace at a later time. Lost production and increased operational costs will occur during the down time. Neglect on the building structure or envelope will increase energy use and add additional wear and tear on the mechanical systems.

The downward spiral will continue until regularly scheduled preventive maintenance programs are established and implemented. Sometimes the equipment is so neglected that replacement is the only option. There are basic and comprehensive preventive maintenance programs to safeguard all building operating systems. The more elaborate, the more efficient and the less chance of pre-mature failure.


David Borgaro

David Borgaro

Dave has 40 years experience in Sustainable Energy Strategies, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Contracting, Engineering design and Project Management. Accredited LEED Green Associate, Certified Commercial Energy Auditor, Energy Efficiency Engineering, Master Plumber, Member USGBC, ASHRAE, NESEA, NESI. Dave’s diverse expertise in utilizing engineering principles, combined with the use of technology and practical experience affords him tremendous insight into finding cost-effective solutions.

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